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proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism

aiming to revolutionize the gaming industry.

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Every 1 minute, there will be a new block containing all new information, including transactions and rewards. For the first 2 years, every block brings additional 2048 QUDO tokens into circulation until it reaches the 1st halving, where the number of new QUDO tokens per block becomes 1024. This halving will occur every 2 years for a period of 20 years. According to these rules, the maximum supply won’t be reached before the year 2041. The Tokenomics model is still experimental and is being optimized according to insights collected from the current QUDO operations already running on the TELOS test net, in conjunction with the knowledge of our partners and advisors. As a consequence, changes to this model may occur. Being QUDO a decentralized ecosystem, these newly generated tokens are distributed among different stakeholders in the community. The Block Reward distribution system is described in the following diagram:

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Since QUDO is still running on a test net, the tokenomics may change before we go live on the main net.
QUDO - Tokenomics
Pre Mine
2048 QUDO
Block Reward
Max Supply
QUDO launch on the TELOS main net is forecasted for the fourth quarter of 2022
2048 QUDO every minute. Halves every 2 years, over a total time of 20 years.
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for Community
for Founders
Staking Rewards
Network Rewards
Founding Team
QUDO Partners
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Active Games
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Active Gamers
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24 years issuance
Halving every 2 years
The number of tokens per block reward will halve every 2 years for a period of 20 years.
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For more details, please read our Whitepaper
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Network Rewards
QUDO - Network Rewards
Get rewarded just for playing. When you play a QUDO adherent game, the time you play is reported by the game to the QUDO rewarding mechanism’s smart contracts. Every minute, a new block is created containing the activity of games being played. Depending on the amount of gamers playing the game and other factors (e.g.: number of games active, amount staked per user, etc.), both game developer and respective players will be rewarded with freshly minted QUDO tokens, put into circulation as network rewards.
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Staking Rewards
QUDO - Staking Rewards
Staking QUDO tokens in the QUDO platform will allow you to have access to exclusive QUDO features and rewards depending on your role. As a gamer, the more you stake, the more network rewards you will receive while playing. As a game developer, the amount you stake is directly proportional to the rewards you will get over time.
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Performance Rewards
QUDO - Performance Rewards
Reaching Highscores & Achievements never felt so good. As you progress in a game powered by QUDO, unlocking achievements or reaching new highscores can come with a reward in QUDO tokens offered by the game you are playing. In games offering these rewards, every time you reach a new highscore or unlock an achievement, a small QUDO notification will appear letting you know the amount of QUDO tokens that you received.
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Bug Spotting Rewards
QUDO - Tester Rewards
Discovering bugs in a game can actually be a positive experience. If a game is marked as “Crowd Testing Enabled”, using the in-game QUDO feature “Report a bug”, the game will allow the game developer to be aware of the bug you just reported. If the developer acknowledges the bug, you’ll be receiving QUDO tokens for your efforts and sharp eye.
Get your QUDO tokens and help setting a new standard for the gaming industry
In the future, you will be able to get additional QUDO tokens via crypto exchanges. After launching on the TELOS main net, QUDO will probably be listed on multiple crypto exchanges, making it easy for anybody to get QUDO tokens. Also, If you want early access to QUDO tokens, register for the token sell (soon). In the meantime, register and see how everything works on the TELOS test net.
QUDO - Astronaut
QUDO - Blox Fun Android iOS Mobile Game Developer Gamedev Indiegame Indiegamedev

See for yourself how everything works.

Blox is a mobile casual game, developed by Block Bastards, becoming the first case study of the utilisation of QUDO. Blox is a Tower Defense game, where you protect your computer against the worst enemies on the blockchain, while you get rewarded with QUDO tokens for playing it. Choose your weapons, plan your strategy and join us on this adventure into the world of blockchain!